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in-Conversation with Mufseen Miah

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Mufseen Miah speaks candidly to Ahmed Al-Mullahi about intersectionality; the impact that race, religion and sexuality has had in shaping his life and identity.

About Mufseen:

Mufseen is a passionate LGBT+ activist. He was raised in Brighton but lives in London. He works with LGBTQ+ colleagues and organisations to raise awareness of issues that affect Queer People of Colour (QPOC) and works to create inclusive spaces for all LGBTQ+ individuals. “Throughout my life my skin colour, my culture and my sexuality have pushed me down to the fringes of ‘mainstream’ society making everyday battles harder to win. I am a walking contradiction, but I am definitely not the only one.”


About Ahmed:

Ahmed is life coach and facilitator based in Oman. His background in Internal Family System Therapy has led him to explore therapeutic methods such as Inner-Child work, Sub-personality Dialogue Therapy, Compassion Inquiry, Psychoanalysis and much more; based on personal interaction.


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