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in-Conversation with Coco

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Coco (from Talk to Coco) and Michael Stephens discuss the intersection of sexuality and mental health as well as the delicate process of managing major change in life.

About Coco:

Coco, from Talk to Coco is a non-binary, mental health activist and writer, who has created a safe space for so many people all around the world, to have someone to talk to and share their experiences, feelings and thoughts with. To be a person people can relate with, who suffers from both mental and physical disabilities. Talk to Coco, have been published in books and also, writes articles on mental health and lgbtq topics for magazines, as well as visual contributions for the BBC. Mental health and lgbtq advocacy is the key root of all her work, working with universities, dance collectives and also one-to-one - giving support, advice and mentoring; on self-acceptance, self-love and breaking all stigmas attached to mental health and not feeling alone - for all people that need it so, that they feel they have someone who listens and understands them, with no judgment, just pure love and transparency.



About Michael:

Michael is a mental health and LGBTQ+ advocate. He's also the founder of WE CREATE SPACE, promoting the importance and value of self-care, specifically within the creative and LGBTQ+ communities.


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