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in-Conversation with Ben Pechey

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Ben Pechey and Eduardo Gutiérrez discuss creativity and risk, and how each have played a part in discovering their own unique personal purpose in life.

About Ben:

Ben is a non-binary writer, content creator, and LGBTQIA Activist. They aim to uplift and educate through media. They run their own website, are the host of The Happy Place podcast. Ben is a Create Space guest speaker but you can catch them delivering education and laughter daily via their legendary Instagram Stories.

Ben's Podcast - The Happy Place


About Eduardo:

Eduardo is an Oxford graduate from Colombia with a passion for philosophy and peace-building. He joined the Create Space team in 2020 after attending the 'Who am I?' virtual retreat, and now facilitates our 'What's My Purpose?' workshop.


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