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in-Conversation with Rico Chace

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Rico Jacob Chace speaks to Dr Paul Taylor-Pitt about his personal transformation journey as a trans man and how his gender struggles have shaped his life and identity.

About Rico:

Rico is a videographer, writer and vocal activist, fighting avidly for the rights of LGBTQIA+ people and Black people. As a board member of TransActual UK, he continues to strive to change UK legislation for non-binary equality and raise the Black Queer intersectionality question in all forums. He continues to speak out about the complexities of sexuality, gender and racial perceptions. And has also launched ‘Against Racism’, a nine-part show exploring the various forms of racism and how we collectively can make a difference.


About Dr Paul:

Paul is an award-winning Organisation Development Specialist, Mentor, Coach and Facilitator with three decades of professional experience. He is passionate about queer culture and sharing his passion for life with the world. He also enjoys writing and photography as well as cuddling up with a good book. Paul lives in London with his husband and their growing family of plants.


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