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in-Conversation with Aisha Shaibu

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Aisha Shaibu and Maylis Djikalou discuss the role that our inner voices can play in shaping our own personal narrative.

About Aisha:

Aisha is an LGBTQ+ activist and founder of Moonlight Experiences, a social enterprise that connects queer travellers with trusted locals, so that they can explore a new location more authentically and as themselves. Aisha is also Head of Community Engagement at UK Black Pride, and a community event organiser who helps amplify marginalised voices and harnesses the economic power of LGBTQ+ tourism to support queer safe spaces.


About Maylis:

Maylis is our event and experience coordinator. By profession she is a transformational coach and consultant. Maylis has 10 years’ experience working at the intersection of the fashion and mental health industries, curating international events and strategic partnerships to promote wellbeing in the workplace as competitive advantage.


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