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Queer Wellbeing: WCS>BCN.

Updated: Apr 23

The results from our series of free community wellbeing classes in Barcelona and our plans to expand the programme with online sessions via WCS | Campus.

A gif showing the Queer Wellbeing logo against a purple background, followed by an animated collage of photos from Queer Wellbeing events at Sarana Wellness Studio.


In our 2023-2024 Community Survey, Mental Health emerged as the top concern for Queer professionals in our community for the second consecutive year. As an organisation we’ve always been passionate about improving the mental health of LGBTQIA+ people, but we entered 2024 determined to answer the needs of our community better than ever before through our new series of Queer Wellbeing programmes.

Core Challenges:

With the knowledge that LGBTQIA+ people are more likely to suffer from poor mental health than the rest of the population, coupled with increasing hostility towards the LGBTQIA+ community across the globe, doing what we can to improve the wellbeing of queer people is essential.

We recognised the need for wellbeing programming that was specifically Queer focused and built it into our 2024 Community Action Plan. Taking into account the intersectional realities of our community by engaging with facilitators across a range of identities and lived experiences and ensuring our sessions are trauma-informed.

"As queer people, it feels comforting and reassuring to find understanding. Mindfulness spaces are overwhelmingly white and straight, and finding a place in there is difficult. It’s difficult to allow yourself to be vulnerable in places you don’t feel safe in." - Community Member

A photo from the Garnier Pride campaign, featuring a diverse group of LGBTQ+ people and allies of different ethnicities.


Our initial Queer Wellbeing trial encompassed 12 completely free wellness oriented classes with 12 different facilitators. We ran the sessions out of Sarana, a queer-owned wellness centre in Barcelona, running from mid February to the end of March. Partnering with Sarana allowed us to offer these classes out of a space that was accessible, inclusive and aligned with our values.

We provided a wide range of class types including a sound bath, breathwork sessions, Power and Prana Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Qi Gong, meditation, affirmations & journaling, with the aim that any potential participant would be able to find a session that appealed to them and fit where they are on their own wellness journey. Many facilitators tailored their sessions to specifically speak to the Queer experience, exploring themes of self-love, self-empowerment and Queer resilience, providing participants with the tools to grow and understand themselves better.

“My first ever yoga class and I had an experience I will always cherish. Afterwards I felt brand new and am now excited to take better care of myself mentally and physically.” - Community Member


Out of the 51 people surveyed...

  • 98% rated their class 4 or 5 stars.

  • 93% felt a sense of community in their class.

  • 63% said it was important sessions were LGBTQ+ only.

  • 72% said we offered something they couldn’t find elsewhere.

  • 84% plan to attend future experiences and events with WCS.

  • 80% turnout from registered attendees.

"I learned new breath-work techniques that helped me to feel open and vulnerable. I’ve attended many breath-work classes but because of the instructors and the openness of the room and people I felt so safe to go deep and reflect." - Community Member

Based on the overwhelming success of our initial WCS Queer Wellbeing trial we are excited to expand the initiative by offering online sessions via the WCS | Campus in addition to continuing to offer in-person classes in Barcelona and London.

Join the WCS | Campus Global Hub and access our free wellbeing sessions.


While you're here...

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We also organise FREE community events throughout the year! We offer a variety of ways to get involved - both online and in person. This is a great way to network and learn more about others' experiences, through in-depth discussion on an array of topics. You can find out what events we have coming up here. New ones are added all the time, so make sure you sign up to our newsletter so you can stay up to date!


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